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Sydney Painters is a team of licensed and skilful commercial painters. We offer decades of professional experience in commercial painting services across Sydney.

A commercial painting company that has successfully completed projects of all sizes including shopping centres, schools, churches, factories, warehouses, medical clinics, entertainment venues and many more commercial painting projects.

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Commercial Painting Sydney – Trusted Since 1972

If it’s a commercial property, we’ve probably painted it. Our books contain countless successfully completed commercial painting projects across Sydney.  

We can apply professional, proven skills to properties such as:

  • Office spaces
  • Commercial Paint Services
  • Medical clinics
  • Government & heritage buildings
  • Transport & logistics projects
  • Car parks
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Childcare centres
  • Schools & Tertiary institutes
  • Churches
  • Factories 
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Entertainment venues
  • Office towers
  • And many more commercial painting project

Our commercial painters have successfully completed projects including the Sydney Opera House, the AMP Office Tower, Queen Victoria Building, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and thousands of medium to large commercial painting projects in all streets and suburbs of Sydney – all with impeccable painting results. 

We impress our clients with our exceptional service and quality

Commercial Painters Sydney - Sydney Painters
Commercial Painters Sydney – Sydney Painters


Commercial Painting Services – Delivering Life Lasting Painting Results

Our team of experts approaches your painting project with the utmost regard for professionalism of service and quality of results.  

We guarantee highly durable painting results every time. We are a long-established business that is proud to have built ongoing and lasting relationships with many of our previous commercial clients. 

It is our goal to ensure you are impressed every time with both the finished product and with your entire painting service when working with our team.   

Examples of commercial painting services we can deliver:

Commercial Painting Services Sydney - Sydney Painters
Commercial Painting Services Sydney – Sydney Painters


Highly Established Commercial Painting Company in Sydney

Having been in the painting business since 1972 we have successfully completed hundreds of Commercial Painting projects, from hospitality and leisure facilities to educational and government projects. 

We pride ourselves as being the most reliable and professional commercial painting company in Sydney.

Are you looking for an organised, professional commercial painting business? We deliver end-to-end project management.

What has enabled us to be in business so long is our all encompassing project management skills.  

We have teams of qualified specialists in every aspect of painting. We always appoint a Project Manager with the relevant experience to be your key contact and representative of Sydney Painters throughout the entire commercial painting project.  

The appointed Project Manager will be responsible for the entire client journey.  Some of their responsibilities include the initial consultation alongside the Company Director to ensure the scope of works is well planned and executed.  

Commercial Painting Services Sydney - Sydney Painters
Commercial Painting Services Sydney – Sydney Painters


What sets Sydney Painters apart?

We match our expertise to the unique needs of your commercial painting project. Let’s talk details:

Responsiveness: We provide you with a prompt written and detailed estimate.  

Expertise: We select the best team members with the perfect experience suited to your particular project and have all commercial access equipment at hand. 

Qualifications: Each team member is highly qualified and holds the relevant licensing required for their field. Our Commercial Painting Contractors are also police checked but more importantly are genuinely good people with professional interpersonal skills.  

Delivery and Communication: We take responsibility for the professional management of your project, maintain prompt and responsive communication and ensure the workmanship meets your project’s specific needs.  

Quality control and OH&S: Throughout, we comply with all Health & Safety requirements.  We ensure each commercial project is completed to the highest standards and within the allocated time frame.

Strong industry and paint manufacturer connections: One of the benefits of being a long-standing painting business is that we have established strong relationships with local paint manufacturers such as Dulux, Taubmans and Wattyl paints to name a few. This means we are often the first to utilise new and advanced paint technologies, in turn, enabling us to deliver the latest and most suited painting solutions for our commercial clients.

Durability: We work with quality products and reputable brands and are experts at selecting the most appropriate painting systems for your commercial painting project. Our expert workmanship ensures long-lasting results that respect the investment you make when repainting commercial premises.

Commercial Painting Services Sydney - Sydney Painters
Commercial Painting Services Sydney – Sydney Painters


Colour Consultation Service – Because Colour Matters!

At Sydney Painters the colour scheme chosen is as important as the painting system used.  The colours used will represent your company and brand.  That is why we have a professional in house colour consultant to assist you in selecting the best colour scheme for your commercial painting project.  

The goal is for the painting system to last but equally be visually appealing for years to come.  

We take this so seriously we offer this service free of charge to all our clients.  

Sydney Painters Colour Consultation - Professional Painting Services
Sydney Painters Colour Consultation – Professional Painting Services


Highly Skilled & Experienced Commercial Painting Contractors

We are reputable, proven and can cover all your commercial painting needs Sydney wide.   

Contact Sydney’s best commercial painting contractors for your next commercial painting project.

Commercial Painters Sydney
Commercial Painters Sydney



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How much do Commercial Painters Charge?

Commercial Painting estimates are based on the level of preparation required, Amount of Coats, Paint Type and more. The best way to seek a painting estimate is to call a professional to come in and do a quick inspection to be able to offer you a detailed quote. You may call Sydney Painters Pty for all your commercial painting needs as we offer free and fast painting quotes.

Do Commercial Painters offer Warranty?

Commercial painters must always offer a Workmanship Warranty of 5 to 7 Years. Sydney Painters Pty offer 7 years Warranty on all painting works provided.

Do Commercial Painters Offer Free Colour Advice?

Yes most commercial painting companies are happy to offer free colour advice. At Sydney Painters we offer free Colour Advice and free colour sampling to ensure all our clients choose the best colour scheme for their painting project.

Do Commercial Painters Offer Free Quotes?

Yes, All commercial painting quotes must be free of charge. Normally an estimator is sent out to inspect the commercial property on the same day and the estimator will have a detailed painting quote emailed within the same day. Colour advice and Free colour sampling are also included.

What is a Commercial Painter?

A commercial painter is a painting business or a painting company that focuses and specialises in painting of offices, retail stores, medical centres, schools, childcare centres, cafes and restaurants. Commercial painters are very professional and reliable painters. Sydney Painters Pty are the best commercial painters in Sydney.

Do Commercial Painters offer free colour matching?

Yes, at Sydney Painters Pty we offer free colour matching, free colour advice and free colour sampling.