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Sydney Painters PTY are a team Epoxy Floor Painting Experts who have acquired decades of experience in the Floor Painting industry. We pride ourselves in taking tremendous care in all of our painting projects and provide guaranteed workmanship on all of our services. Our team of Epoxy Floor Painters are quick and efficient in delivering our clients with the desired results!

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Sydney Painters PTY has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rating throughout our years of service in the painting industry. We make it our priority to deliver the finest painting services that falls within our client’s time and budget limits. We understand that time is money therefore our expert epoxy painters endeavours to complete the painting project on time while taking precautions to limit disruptions to the daily operations of your environment. 


Sydney Painters PTY are a team of experts equipped with all of the appropriate skills, expertise and resources to complete any Epoxy painting project given. Our clients can expect quick responses with expert recommendations of new and advanced painting solutions to meet all of your project’s requirements. Unsure of how you would like to transform your environment? Book a consultation with our Epoxy Painting Experts to discuss various colour and design options as well as deciding which painting system will be most suitable for your project!


Our Epoxy Painters offer comprehensive Epoxy Coating services to all projects throughout Sydney. Epoxy resin coatings has become the latest trending flooring system for both Commercial, Residential and Industrial facilities. Its hardwearing, durable and aesthetically pleasing characteristics can transform any floors! 


Benefits of Epoxy Painting:

  • Flawless finish: No seams for nasty bacteria or dirt to embed themselves in, which makes Epoxy Flooring a hygienic and easy to clean option for flooring
  • Abrasion-resistant: Epoxy is one of the hardest flooring systems available to the market, its durable and hard-wearing characteristics makes it resistant to abrasion
  • Chemical-resistant: Epoxy Flooring is the preferred flooring method for laboratories and chemical facilities due to its non-reaction to chemicals
  • Heat-resistant: Epoxy coatings are resistant to high heat and have low shrinkage
  • Clear Epoxy Coating: Forms a protective barrier and can create 3D flooring effects
  • Appearance: Epoxy Paints can transform the environment in which it has been painted with various colours and textures available
  • Budget Friendly: Epoxy is one of the cheapest options for flooring!


Our painters are fully licensed and qualified with extensive training to carry out any Epoxy painting services. We have successfully transformed many floors in properties large and small. Whether you are wanting to rejuvenate your floors or needing to get your property in shape for the real estate market, Sydney Painters PTY has all of the Epoxy Coating services you need!

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