Industrial Painters Sydney

Sydney Painters brings the technical expertise to ensure on-time, safe and reliable delivery of medium to large scale industrial projects.

With 48 years experience as industrial painters specialising in epoxy coatings, we have the track-record to be your trusted partner across Commercial and Government projects.

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Industrial Painting Sydney – Sydney Painters Pty Ltd

As Sydney’s leading industrial painting company, we have successfully completed all sizes of projects for commercial clients including manufacturing facilities, mining equipment and pipe-line projects.  

We also have a proven track record of delivering transport, infrastructure and public spaces in partnership with Government and Local Council. 

We have managed projects ranging from the Sydney Desalination plant, operated by Sydney Water to ongoing maintenance programs for Energy Australia. 

Industrial Painters Sydney by Sydney Painters


Industrial Painting Services

  • Processing plants, chemical storage plants 
  • Power generation
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Water and waste-water treatment systems 
  • Mining machinery and digging equipment
  • Offshore structures
  • Pipelines 
  • Bridges
  • Industrial tanks
  • Manufacturing facilities and plants
  • Steel structures
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Government infrastructure, building projects and public spaces
  • Navy and Military contracting
  • Marine and Merchant Navy, container shipping and dry dock 

Industrial Painters Sydney by Sydney Painters


A Credible, Licensed and Qualified Industrial Painting Company

Sydney Painters is an industrial painting company with all the necessary accreditation for an immediate project start, including epoxy and protective coating accreditations, Working Safely at Heights, OH&S white card safety training, manual handling of chemicals, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), and all industry-standard insurances.

Sydney Painters goes beyond just punching a safety ticket: we also have product specific expertise and skills to integrate safety into all levels of industrial projects.

Alongside heavy-duty industrial paint solutions, our painting expertise also includes lead management. Lead is an integral part of many industrial painting solutions, and safety, skills and risk-management in this field is paramount. 

Sydney Painters has a specialised, accredited team that can safely deal with applying chemical and lead-containing paint products. 

We can also work with lead removal systems to remove historical or industry lead-based paints, avoiding sanding or scraping that creates hazardous lead dust.

Industrial Painting Services Sydney by Sydney Painters


Why partner with Sydney Painters?

Our professionalism delivers.

  • Scale: we have the capacity and facilities to manage painting projects of every size
  • Familiarity with industrial practices: not impacting ongoing operations
  • Compliance: up-to-date licencing, safety protocols 
  • Management: dedicated project supervisors and liaison 
  • Operational familiarity: working within industrial regulations and tight site constraints 
  • Risk assessment strategies: safe work practices and protocols


Industrial Painting Services Sydney by Sydney Painters


Don’t take our word for it: our track record speaks for itself

Over the last half-century we have been entrusted to manage painting for iconic industrial projects including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to leading development projects including the Cross City Tunnel. 

Each project involves different considerations, and our expertise in industrial painting ensures we will deliver a high quality result on-time and to your organisation’s operating needs. 


Industrial painting projects involve unique challenges:

  • Infrastructure protection: weather extremes, UV exposure and temperature variation, airborne salts
  • Mining: protecting high-value equipment with regular maintenance using heavy-duty protective coatings 
  • Manufacturing: protective systems to ensure resistance in abrasive environments, withstand chemical exposure and temperature fluctuation, withstand regular pressure and chemical-based cleaning 
  • Pipelines and tanks: access considerations including above-ground and buried pipes, long term UV- protection, and chemical resistant coatings to protect liquid, solvent or petro-chemical fuels, flammable or other volatile contents, working in remote environments
  • Power generation: compliance with regulations on limited access, avoiding high pressure equipment or spills in sensitive environments, 
  • Public spaces and transport: using epoxy anti-graffiti coatings and ensuring visual appeal to meet high community expectations and public scrutiny
  • Aquatic Centres, Schools, Universities, Sports Centres: quality protection to withstand high-traffic, paint longevity in fluctuating or high-humidity sports environments, anti-graffiti, environmentally-friendly and sustainable options


Industrial Painting Services Sydney by Sydney Painters

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How much do Industrial Painters charge?

All projects could vary in preparation and paint type. The best way to provide you with an estimate for an industrial project is to arrange for a quick and free inspection with one of industrial experts to offer you all the expert advice you might need as well as recommendations on the best industrial coating systems.

Who is Sydney’s best industrial Painting Company?

Sydney Painters Pty has been completing many industrial projects Australia Wide with Life-Lasting Results! We provide outsides as Sydney’s best industrial painters. Call us today for a free quote and advice!

Do Industrial Painters offer free quotes?

At Sydney Painters Pty we offer Free Quotes and advice on all the most advanced and durable epoxy coatings. We offer a professional and friendly painting service and what’s most important is that industrial painting is our speciality! So call us today to arrange for an inspection to help with your project.

What is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting includes Epoxy Coatings, Floor Painting, Painting of Chemical Plants, Machineries, Warehouse Facilities, Storage Facilities and much more!

Are Industrial Paints harmful?

Epoxy paints are known for their durability and long lasting nature. Epoxy paints are bad for health if inhaled so its best to hire a professional team of industrial painters to take on the works as they are trained and have the correct safety equipment

How much do Industrial Painters make?

Industrial Painting Contractors in Sydney earn $40 to $50 per hour, depending on their experience and qualifications.