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Sydney Painters Pty Ltd are a team of licensed painters who specialise in the field of lead paint and have decades of experience keeping Australian communities safe.

We offer lead paint testing and lead paint removal services for all types of buildings ranging from commercial, residential, industrial, strata and heritage buildings.

Eradicate the chances of lead paint poisoning with our services today!


Lead Paint Testing & Removal Service – Lets Keeping you Safe

Let us help you with the following services:

  • Lead paint testing
  • Lead paint advice 
  • Site evaluation, consultation and quote 
  • Safe lead paint removal 
  • Lead waste management and disposal

Lead Paint Testing by Sydney Painters


Is your property putting your life at risk?

At Sydney Painters we have been in the painting industry in Sydney since 1972, and during this time our team became increasingly aware of the under-reported risk of lead paint, in many residential and commercial sites that we were being called out to. 

We realised that many of our clients were unaware of the substantial health risk of lead poisoning.

25% of Australian properties were painted using lead-containing paints. This can unknowingly cause health risk to residents, their families, pets and neighbours who come into regular contact with deteriorating surfaces. Risk is especially heightened during renovation works. 

Our experts were often the first to diagnose the risk of existing lead paint and raise the alert upon inspection.

Lead Paint Removal by Sydney Painters


As seen on a Current Affair Program: Sydney Painters raising awareness about the hazards of lead paint

Our company founder initiated a community awareness drive about the lead risk in paint and appeared on A Current Affair Program to bring awareness to lead health risk.

As a Sydney based company, we feel responsible for the health of our customers and our community, as well as our painters.


Lead Paint Removal by Sydney Painters


What to do if you are concerned about lead?

Call the qualified experts to identify, manage and eliminate lead paint risks.

Sydney Painters are equipped with all necessary lead-removal tools and safety equipment, as well as holding accreditation and licencing.

Decades of experience in managing projects across Sydney involving lead paint have given us a wealth of knowledge about lead paint and associated health risks.

When you undertake any painting job with Sydney Painters, whether commercial, residential, heritage or even industrial, you can be assured that you are working with professionals knowledgeable about lead risks.

We will identify any potential hidden lead hazards and work with you to manage and eliminate them.  

We have accumulated industry-leading expertise in safe removal processes of lead paint.


Lead Paint Removal by Sydney Painters


You can find more information on Sydney Painter’s dedicated lead paint removal website or call us now for a consultation!


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