At Sydney Painters we are a well-established company with a team of residential painters who bring our trademark professionalism and proven project-management systems to painting your property.

We deliver an outstanding interior and exterior painting service. Sydney Painters has the expertise and equipment to transform properties of all scales.

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Residential Painting – Sydney Painters Pty Ltd 

In 48 years-and-counting of experience painting residential properties, our team of dedicated and skilled painters have built a reputation for impeccable quality and superior finish.

Sydney Painters have successfully completed major residential painting transformations, including estates and multi-stage managed painting of large residential complexes.

We welcome inquiries about properties with complex challenges. 

Our team will work with you to solve site-specific needs unique to your residency such as high-access painting, strata and heritage requirements.

Residential Painting Sydney by Sydney Painters


Residential Painting Services – Dulux Accredited Painting Business 

Sydney Painters bring decades of expertise to the painting industry:

  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Strata and Body Corporate 
  • Residential Homes 
  • Heritage Properties 
  • All type of Interior Painting Services 
  • All type of Exterior Painting Services
  • Abseiling & Rope Access 
  • Boom Lift and Scaffolding Access
  • Lead Paint Testing and Removal

Strata & Residential Exterior Painting


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Do Residential Painters offer Warranty?

Yes, Residential Painters normally have an insurance coverage of 20 million dollars. Sydney Painters Pty is fully insured and experienced to take on any residential painting project. We have a 20 million dollar public liability insurance coverage.

Do Residential Painters offer Colour Advice?

Yes residential painters are all qualified to offer colour advice. At Sydney Painters Pty we offer a free colour advice and free colour sampling to ensure our clients pick the best colour scheme for their home.

Who is the best Residential Painting Company in Sydney?

Sydney Painters Pty specialise in interior and exterior residential painting and is the most reliable painting company.

Do you offer colour matching?

Yes we offer free colour matching

Do you supply Paints?

Yes normally painters supply the paint as they would get it at a discounted rate and so it would be better to ask the painting contractor to include paint in the quote.

Do Residential Painters offer free quotes?

Yes all Residential painters in Sydney offer free quotes. Some don’t turn up on time and some never show up. With Sydney Painters Pty we appreciate your time and business and will provide our clients with the most professional approach.